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Christchurch Harpurhey

Harpurhey North Manchester Handmade Film Festival

Starts: October 24 @ 6:30pm
Ends: October 26 @ 8:00pm

Friday October 24th   Doors open 6:30pm  Starts 7:00pm
Venue: Manchester Communication Academy, Silchester Drive, Harpurhey M40 8NT

Friday Night is Music Night With Laura Harrison and Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra.

The Golden Age of Stage & Screen. With numbers from musicals such as South Pacific, My Fair Lady, Showboat and many more. Join Laura Harrison and Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra as they transport you to the era that was the golden age of stage and screen.  Join Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra as they take you back in time to the old streets of Manchester. Courtesy of the North West Film Archive we’ll visit scenes at the CWS Biscuit Factory in Crumpsall in the short film ‘Round the Clock’. Revisit the 1950’s as a group of boys and girls play games of jacks, rounders and football, plus other imaginative games using the urban environment of cobbled streets, pavements, alleyways, waste ground and walls. And then to take a glimpse of a popular dance rendezvous as we relive the era of the ‘Flirtation Waltz’.

 Saturday October 25th   Starts 12 noon.
Venue: Moston Small Cinema, Miners Art and Community Centre, Teddington Road, Moston, M40 0DJ

Pull your Salfords up

‘Manchester’s got everything except a beach’ – Ian Brown -From the writers of Kitchen sink realism to the dulcet tones of many a famous Mancunian born singer it’s clear that Manchester really does have it all – well, apart from the beach. Today’s event is a celebration of all things Mancunian brought to you from screen to stage as we round things up with Red Light Effect, a punk rock band from South Africa.

‘Oh do shut up!’

Beginning celebrations with the finest northern and Mancunian classics whose writers brought audiences the genre of Kitchen Sink Drama. The genre is unique to British cinema as its stories twists and turns are portrayed through the lens of social realism.

12.00pm: A Kind of Loving

2.00pm – 3.40pm: A Taste of Honey

4.00pm – 5.40pm: Billy Liar

Home grown – Two films brought to you by three local talented script writers and filmmakers.

6.00pm – 6.30pm: The Last Birthday

7.00pm – 7.30pm: The Last Pit in the Valley

Red Light Effect.  Let your hair down at the end of the day with South Africa’s Red Light Effect in one of Manchester’s oldest miners’ wash houses.

Sunday October 26th   Doors open 6:00pm  Starts 6:30pm
Harpur Mount Oasis Academy, Alfred Street, Harpurhey, M9 5XR

The Bee Movies

The humble bee has been a key Manchester emblem since the 19th century.  You can find it on the floor of the town hall; engraved into railings and even nestled into litter bins.  The symbol of the bee has come to represent many things to the city of Manchester including industry, activity and cooperation.  With this motif in mind this evening’s session of the film festival will explore themes represented by this noisy little insect in a series of Bee movies.

A Hive of Activity

A time lapse inspection of the Bee Hive condensed into 45 seconds.  A Season with the Baytrees Bee Project.  An edited selection from our local Harpurhey Bee keepers who documented their progress via social media.

Up on the Roof

A new film that visits the roof top urban bees of Manchester and Salford documenting not only the journey of the busy bee but the evolution of the two cities famous for industry.  Both cities, that were a byword for industrial pollution now support thriving colonies of bees and produce fine honey.

Buzzing about …

As an added bonus the Manchester Beekeepers who appear in the films will be on hand to answer any questions.

A ‘B’ movie with a sticky ending – Stick around (yes you can groan now) for a tasting session of the finest of Manchester’s honey.



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